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   Acid Bath - The Bones Of Baby Dolls Tab    

"The Bones of Babydolls" by Acid Bath

From the Album "When the Kite String Pops"

tabbed by Gray (

Note: I`ve seen some tabs for Acid Bath saying that the tuning
was dropped D - nope. The correct tuning for nearly ALL Acid
Bath songs is = C G C F A D on most songs, and for the song
below, simply do the tuning above, then drop all the strings
to standardize the C (I`d give it string by string, but my
tuner is in the other room). As for this song`s method, some
might like to fingerpick it (I think one guitar is fingerpicked
, and one is played with a pick), but this is how I play it. I
may have missed some strings, but as long as you can play these
chords, the rest flows depending on how well you know the song.

By the way, this is my first attempt at tabbing, so forgive any
flaws. Enjoy.

Setch`s note:-I have been through this tab and made a few small
corrections. I have not been able to get the intro right to my
satisfaction, but I do know the chords for the intro are:-

A minor G Amin E all arpegiated.

Main intro riff


(Amin) (G) (Amin) (E)

Flower girls in love...(riff is played through intro verses)

Intro chorus riff.

|-------3----0----------| 2x

(Amin)(G) (E) (Amin)

I heard her...screaming like a radio...

Intro bridge riff.

|---------------------------------------------------------| 2x


Last chord played at the end of intro
|---| Let ring.

Main song verse riff.


(Amin) (Dmin) (A min) (E)

...mary lou...left marks on you...

Main chorus riff.


(Amin) (Dmin) (Amin) (E) (Amin) (Dmin)(E)

yeah...she smokes the bones of babydolls...

Outro riff.


(Amin) (C) (G) (Amin)

...everything`s gone bottleglass scrapes across the pavement...

There you have it. If anybody knows a better way to play it, e-mail me
at and let me know. And if you`re into Acid Bath,
you`d probably enjoy my page: http:/
Also, if anybody wants any Eyehategod tabliture for the album Dopesick,
e-mail me with what song you want, and I`ll tab it out for you. -Gray