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   Barenaked Ladies - A from Maybe You Should Drive Tab    

Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Song: A

I saw this tab a while ago on Tabcrawler, but it was I`ve fixed it for you. Enjoy. I used Stephen Denommee`s tab as a base for my work.

A C#m7 A C#m7, then G Bm7, then E (listen to CD for the timing and amount of repetitions)

Neat Hammer-on riff for the A and G chords in the intro and verses (you`ll hear it in the actual song on the CD)


Verse 1:

A C#m7 A C#m7
A is for angry which is what you are at me

A C#m7 G Bm7
A is for adult which is what I`ll never be

A C#m7 A C#m7
A is for applesauce, my favourite meal

A C#m7 G Bm7
A is for Adam which is how I sometimes feel

G Bm7
like I`m the only man on Earth

and I`ve forgotten what that`s worth

Verse 2:

A is for Arthur he`s a lovable drunk

AM&Azing like Thelonius Monk

A is for argument, A is for apparently

A is for antagonism that`s not even there

it`s just you begging for affection

or something I won`t even mention

Dmaj7 C#m7 A
And I don`t even know why you keep on trying

Dmaj7 C#m7 A
Like I don`t even know why I keep on lying

Dmaj7 C#m7 A F#m
There are millions of people in worlds of their own

G Bm7 E
And two of them can`t let go.

Verse 3: (same as before)

A is for algebra, I learned it in school

A is what Fonzie said `cause he was very cool

A is for adversary, A is for alection

A is arousal you are giving me an erection

c`mon I`m trying to show affection

for longer than a half an hour.


F#m C#m7

F#m C#m7
Met a woman I used to know

F#m Bm7 C#m7
Long before you, long ago.

F#m C#m7
All I could say, after hello

F#m C#m7 Dmaj7 E(VII)
Was "are you still single?"

Verse 4:

A is for attitude I can`t help but wield

A is for arrogance, emotional shield

A is for acting, A is for abhorrently

A is for asshole which is what I am how rude of me

I owe you an apology

I`m sorry.


Ok, as a foot-note, this song is easier and sounds better with barred chords, rather than open ones...Here are the ones I use below (The E in the intro/verse and chorus is open, but the one in the bridge is barred at the seventh fret). I also cannot say I`m exactly sure of the chords in the bridge, but it sounds good on its own if you aren`t playing along with the recording.

A C#m7 G Bm7 E Dmaj7 F#m E(VII)