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   Eric Clapton - Bad Love Tab    


/ = slide


I`m not sure how many times this is, but its about 7 or 8.


[Bm]Oh what a feeling I get when [E]I`m with yo[A]u

[Bm]You take my heart into everyt[E]hing you [A]do

And it m[Bb]akes me [C]sad for the l[Am]onely pe[Bb]ople

[Gm]I walked that ro[C]ad for so [Dm]long

Now I kn[Bb]ow that I`[C]m one of the l[Am]uckly pe[Bb]ople

[Gm]Your love is mak[C]ing me s[G]trong


[Dm]I`ve had enough [C]bad [Dm]love
I need s[Dm]omething I[C] can be proud [G]of
[Dm]I`ve had enough [C]bad l[Dm]ove
[Dm]No more [C]bad love[Bb]

[Bm]And now I see that my [E]life has been so [A]lue

[Bm]With all the heartaches I had ti[E]ll I met [A]you

But I`m [Bb]glad to [C]say now that`s a[Am]ll b[Bb]ehind me

[Gm]With you h[C]ere by my [Dm]side

And there`s [Bb]no more memo[C]ries [Am]to rem[Bb]ind me

[Gm]Your love will k[C]eep me a[G]live

Solo bass bit.


I`ll put the solo on when I work it out.
Enjoy cos it is a great song.