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   Everyday Sunday - Hanging On Tab    

Artist: Everyday Sunday
Song: Hanging On
Tabbed by: nate worster

first off this tab is all my own work so tell me first if you plan on posting a tab based on this version. listen to the cd a few times and you should be able to get the rythm. iím sure this is right. have fun!

Any questions corrections or comments email me at

chords used:

A2 Db5 B5 E G#*
x x x x x
x x x x x
2 6 4 1 4
2 6 4 2 6
x 4 2 2 6
x x x x x


Db5 B5 A2 A2
e -----------0-----0----------0-----0---------0-----0--------0-----
B --------0----0-----------0----0---------0-----0---------0----0--
G ------6-------6-------4--------4------2--------2------2-------2-
D ----6-- -------------4---------------2---------------2-----------
A --4---------------2---------------0---------------0-------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------

first chorus:
E Db5 G#* A2
e ----------0------------0-------------0------------0---
B ---------0---0--------0---0--------0---0--------0---0-
G -------1-------1-----4-------4----4-------4----2-------2
D -----2--------------4------------6------------2-----------
A ----2-------------2------------6------------0------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------

Second chorus strum wdistortion.

bridge: Db5--B5--A2

thatís it. great song. God bless!