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   Hefner - The Peppermint Taste Tab    

Band: Hefner
Song: The Peppermint taste
Written By: Darren Hayman
Tabbed By: Pete Johnston (

Hi, there’s a shocking lack of Hefner tabs on the internet so far, so here’s ‘The Peppermint Taste’ from
‘Dead Media’.
Just the chords - I’m no pedal steel player – but you can strum through it nice enough. Like a lot of
Hefner tunes, sounds best as barre chords:

C G F Am
8 3 1 5
8 3 1 5
9 4 2 5
10 5 3 7
10 5 3 7
8 3 1 5

You had peppermint gum stuck between your teeth,
You had white shoes and bare knees in 1983.
I had your breast in my hand underneath the tree,
But as the tree lost it`s leaves you went up and left me
for an awkward kind of boy, Who was far too tall
and true to from it didn`t last long
but the peppermint taste didn`t pass away for weeks,

And the chords are the same for the whole rest of the song. Simple but effective.

My school friends hearts they were bitter they were cruel,
So I left when I was sixteen, didn`t think them of at all.
Were you thinking that way too when you turned your back on school?
Did you work in a bank? did you marry with a banker?
Do you think of fate at all? Do you think of cruelty?
Do you think of me pushing you up against that tree?
And that peppermint taste didn`t pass away for weeks.

Well I may have touched your breast, but I never underneath
But we kissed to hard and we knocked each others teeth.
Did you smile with relief when I gave up the ghost and didn`t ring your house no more.
Now its been twenty years, I bet you kiss real good.
I bet you kiss your banker like a bankers wife should,
And that peppermint taste doesn`t pass away for weeks.