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   Mad Season - River Of Deceit Tab    

Transcribed by Bracken K Rogers (

There are only two basic chords in the whole song-

E A D G B e
F: 0 3 3 2 1 1(sometimes open)
G: 3 2 0 0 3 3

Not too difficult, you just have to figure out the strumming...


--0----------------4p2p0---2---2s4s2p0---2----0----0---- Repeat 3x

This is basically the same as the first tab at OLGA, so you can use that
one if this one confuses you...

Now this (whatever you call it):
--3-----2---0---0------ Strum freely, listen to the song.

Now this is played throughout the entire song:
F G ?
--2p0----0---0--;--0-----------4s2p0--- This fill is only played in the
--3------0---0--;--0------------------- second verse, and not all the
----------------;--3------------------- time.

Just listen to the song for the strumming.

Verse:This is where I`ve seen the majority of the screw ups, here`s how
McCready plays it on the video tape.


The rhythm might be hard to follow, but you can pick that up also.