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   Screeching Weasel - Kamala/%27s Too Nice Tab    

Chords used in this song:

D F# G#
E----- E----- E-----
B----- B----- B-----
G----- G-11-- G-13--
D-11-- D-11-- D-13--
A-11-- A--9-- A-11--
E--9-- E----- E-----


D D F# G# D
She took me in her lovely home...


D(20 Times) F#(4 Times) G#(4 Times) D(8 Times)


G#(7 Times) F#(7 Times) D(12 Times)


F#(8 Times) G#(12) D(8 Times)

How it fits together:

Intro X1
Verse X1
Chorus X4
Verse X2
Chorus X4
Bridge X2
Verse X2 (Vocals, Bass, & Drums, No guitar)
Chorus X4

That`s it... I`m sure I didn`t get the # of times you hit each chord
just listen to the song for that.

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