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   Sublime - New Realization Tab    

Band: Sublime
Song: New Realization
Album: Second-hand Smoke
Tabbed By: deadman534
Comments: If you have any suggestions, corrections of comments, Mail Me
and I`ll do what i can. Thanx.
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

Intro: (G-Em)
G Em G Em
The time has come, to reach a new realization `tween me and you,
G Em G Em
time to clear the rumors, sensations, and things that just are untrue.
C Am
Well I thought I heard you behind me,
with a knife stright for my back.
C Am G Em
It`s quite clear that I`m back in the swing of living,
G Em
although I might not be on the right track.
D C Am G
Oh, thought I might drown but its hard to keep a good man down.

Verse 2
Downtown`s wheres you`ll find me, do some and got a hand.
Although I never listen girl, I *** well understand.
And you think, I`m so *** feeble.
I can`t see through your lies, you`r just a crock of ***,
with a pretty smile, and I refuse to compromise.

Oh, don`t give me such a heavy, heavy, heavy load.

BreakPlay the same as above

Verse 3
You may hold some vision of truth, if truth can found in a lie.
Maybe some grain of inspiration, for song thats deep inside.

Oh, tears running down your face,
just screaming look me in the eye.
Well I`m looking straight at your twisted face,
and it`s enough to make me cry.

Oh, I payed the price of loving you,
in more ways than one.
Wrapped around your finger,
but I think my time has come,
but I never can be too sure,
cuz I like to have a little fun.

Oh, what fun it would be to blow my mind and fall into the sun.

A mind is a precious thing to taste.