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  Unsigned Tabs  
- Lobster Magnet
0 Anarchy - Done War
0 Anarchy - Fire
1 Fish 2 Fish Blue Fish - 2%25 Milk
10point3 - Master Plan
10point3 - Parents Today
13 Dead Monkeys - Fake
13 Dead Monkeys - Questioning My Faith
1906 - Clip-on Magic
1984 - No Future
1984 - Political Checkup
2 Die For (acoustic)
2 Little Riffs I Made Up
214 - My New Pair Of Shoes
24 Sunsets - Time To Get The Funk
241 - Confusion Part Six val.: ****
241 - Confusion Part val.: *
241 - Confusion Part Six
2tones-stink Like Fish
3 Star Hotel - A Simple Hello (fixed)
3 Star Hotel-a Simple Hello
3 To Many-My Fault
3-legged Dog
3am - Mrs Popularity
3foagcb- Tomorrow/s Not Another Day
3losers - Hating Me
3rd Degree Burn- Get Up
3rd Degree Burn- Witches
40footfall - F.a.l.l
4track-duct Tape
5ive Pm Untitled Guitar
6 Hour Ride - You Would Be
69 Sents- Song Thingy
7kix - Secrets And Lies
A Classic Rock
A Depressing Song
A Few Awsome Riffs
A Few Days Later- Before I Die
A Kicking Guitar Riff
A Lawnmower Blade-my Darling Death
A New View - Naked In San Fransisco
A Product Of Teen Boredom - She/s Crazy
A Really Sweet Acoustic Song I Wrote
A Song I Made
Aaron - Silence
Aaron - Silence
Ab Und Zu - Chillsong Of Monica
Ab Und Zu - Chocohanni
Abbey Normal-zombie Massacre
Abyss. - Omega White
Aceglave - When You Lie
Achromasia- Beautiful Gray
Acolytes - Hand%7Ce With Care
Acoustic Love
Acoustodd- Needle In The Hay(cover)
Adam Croft - Someone I Can Love
Adam Scroggins-my Song To You
Addicted To Nothing - Alone
Addicted To Nothing - Cover Song %231
Addicted To Nothing - Cover Song %232
Addicted To Nothing - Cover Song %233
Addicted To Nothing - Hate Me %231
Adellia - Lines Cut (in Black)
Advanced - High Rock Riff
Affliction 23- Probation
After Losing All- A.p.b.
Afterthought - Enough
Afterthought - Lost Without Us
Afterthought - No Noise
Alacrity-drunk Song
Albino Love Machine -the Mexican Butt
All U Can Eat - Meat Pie
Alloftheabove - Our Friend Jim
Alloftheabove Noname
Altues - Nameless
Always And Always
Am I Different
Amateurs- Don%09 Look Back
Amateurs- Random Riff
Amoral-2steps Back
Anachronism- Methadone
Anaim-i Wanna Go
Anal Cornslaw- Titys And A Bong
Anal Cornslaw-kitty Poo Sticks
Anarchy - Suicide
Anarchy - Untitled
Anarchy Aggressive - Ooohhh
Anarchy For Dummies-anarchy
Angry Kowala - Hello
Angry Kowala - Last Breath (hatebreed)
Angry Kowala - Rise Against
Angus Pie - Peaches
Animosity - Brucies Riffs
Animosity - Eric/s Riffs
Another Boring Memoir- Dinner Skip......
Another Cool Song I Made
Anthony Montuori - Climb
Anthony Montuori - Oasis Crush
Anthony Montuori - Shooting Star
Anthony Montuori - The Milky Way
Anthony Montuori - The Thought Of You
Anthony Montuori - Your Good
Anthony Montuori-oasis Crush
Anthony Montuori-the Milky Way
Anthony Montuori-you Make Me Smile
Anti All-dont You Wish
Anti All-don/%09 You Wish
Anti All/quilt Boy
Anti Bioxic
Anti-librariarn - Sausage Book Factory
Antix Zero - Re%3Ajoice
Ap%40kolyptix Sylentze- Faith No More
Aphid - Hate And Compassion
Apu - Anymore
Apu - Ger%E4uschesong
Apu - She Is
Arbol - La Vida val.: *
Arbol -
Arbol - La Vida
Area 51- Selftitled
Area 51- Summer
Area-51 - Why Are People So Stupid
Area-51 -- Light Switch
Argenious-fatal Faults
Argenious-the Unnamed
ArroW - Ego
Ash Lambert- Truth
Asswipes - Tedm
Atomic Anatomy-Brick Face
Attention Def - Don/%09 Judge Me
Attention Def - The Poser Anthem
Attention Def - Worst Things Worst
Attention Dephicit - Add
Audibel - First Song
Aurora - To You
Backup Plan - Mmm Midget
Backyard Wreck - Hello
Backyard Wreck-untitled
BAD N3WZ - Rock Till We Die
Bailey Drive- Insomnia
Ballad Style Chord Variations
Balthazar - Strum
Band-mourning Death Song-saddness
Band-pyiphoria Song-wounds
Barcode- Bruises
Barcode- Come Home
Barcode- Feeling
Barcode- The Plant
Barely Breathing- Bright Darkness
Barrymore - Ben Weasel
Barrymore - Dangerous Obsession
Be Like Dad - Gone
Beautiful-first Dance
Behind The Truth - One And The Same
Bend Open String Trick
Bgm- Red Letter Days
Bill%27s Bodatius Beach Bash - Canned Ham
Bio - Sharp Objects
Bio-exorcists - Hospital Death
Black And White- Song
Black Apathy/faded Reality-guilty
Black Cast - No More
Black Dawn-like Im Falling
Black Dawn-you/%0De Alone
BlackFire- Bannana Peel Solo/%27s
Blacksteel - Living Fire
Blak Cannon - Untitled
Blank Tab
Blank- Stack The Sticks
Blanket Of Darkness - Blanket Of Darknes
Blind Wizards-metal Man
Blinded By Darkness - %7Ef.h.l.n.f...%7E
Blinded By Darkness - Bring On The Pain
Blinded By Darkness - Untitled Life (...
Blinded By Darkness - What Do I Have...
Blinded By Darkness-nothing...
Blinded By Darkness-untitled Life
Blinds Wizards - Metal Man
Bliss- I Dont Know
Bliss-it/s Over
Bliss-the Cure val.: *****
Bliss-the Cure
Blood Never Drys - A Thank-you Letter
Blood Pools-i Don/%09 Know How
Bloody Knucles-Stupid Bitch
Blue 52 - Arboretum
Blue 52 - Snowy
Blue 52 - Up
Blue Mohican
Blue Steal- val.: ****
Blue Steal-lonely
Blue Steal-lonely
Blues Type Thingy Thing val.: *****
Blues - Outro val.: *****
Blues - Pentatonic Solo val.: *****
Bluesy Riff val.: *
Blues - Blues Swing
Blues - Cool Blues Riffs
Blues - Cool Song
Blues - Melody
Blues - Some Song I Made
Blues Riff I Made Up
Blues - Blues Swing
Blues - Cool Blues Riffs
Blues - Cool Song
Blues - Melody
Blues - Outro
Blues - Pentatonic Solo
Blues - Some Song I Made
Blues Riff I Made Up
Blues Type Thingy Thing
Bluesy Riff
Bluish Tune
Bowl - Butter
Boxy-morons- Ass Kicker Riff
Breakdown-i Told You No
Brett Forcini Is Flaming - He Is
Brigade 88- South Calibrated
Broad 04 - Free
Broken Being-cold Fusion
Broken Kingpin - Dreaded Redemption
Broken Silence - No Name
Brommbauers - Tag Und Nacht
Broom Stick Get Away-Instumental Chaos
Bucketheads- Brown Star
Bun/s - Focin/ Post-night Morning
Burn The World Up
Burning Whispers - The Last One Drowning
Burnt And Broken - 00
Burnt And Broken - Banana Milk
Burnt And Broken - Braindead
Burnt And Broken - Eternal Youth
Burnt And Broken - Friday Night
Burnt And Broken - Girls On Boys
Burnt And Broken - I Quit
Burnt And Broken - My Oi Girl
Burnt And Broken - Summer
Burnt And Broken- Braindead
Burnt And Broken-braindead
Burnt And Broken-gcdestroyedthepunkscene
Burnt Beyond Recognition - Deadworld
By God/%27s Command-Elementary Romance
Byk9-no Time For Time
Cadetz - Full Windage
Cadetz - Subliner
Calling Home- A.G.A.W.S.
Camel Wrist - The Camel Song
Camel Wrist- Camel Song
Cameron Tanguay- Lazy Summer
Campky - No Control
Cancion Viejita
Captain Zero - Waste Of Space
Carefree Attitude
Carpe Diem-ballad Of The G-funk Meltdown
Carpetheads-dirt Spock Flicker
Casey And Cheri - Up All Night
Catalyst - Exposed
Catalyst - Hostile Nastalgia
Catch Phrase- Anatomy Of Tears
Catch Phrase- Candlestick Darkness
Catch Phrase- Constant Gain
Catch Phrase- Life/s Fast Course
Catchphrase-the Lies That Everybody Know
Catjab-twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Cause And Consequences - Ska/d 4 Life
Cauti%A4n 8e8- Impossible
Centerpiece - The Greatest Nightmare
Centre Of Attention - Dilma Tea
Cesa Chavez - Take It Hard
Cesa Chavez - Unsuspected Rival
Charity Stand - Cadoodle
Charity Stand - The Time Has Come
Charlie Ro - Rain Solo
Charlie Ro - What You Say
Cheakychinchillas- Mendez
Check 9- Simple Drive
Cheraw - Insider
Children At Play - Smashing Pumpkins
Children Of Oblivion
Childs Play- Untitled
Chilled Out Chords %2B Stuff
Chinese Mafia
Choked - Wax Lyrical
Chris Gonzalez-tribute To Jimi Hendrix
Chris Hines Project - Cat In The Gallows
Chris/s Band- Chris/s Song
Cig- I Want
Circuit 69er-waiting
Ck Crash Rockers-novocaine
Clarion - Infatuated
Class A Zeros - Gladys
Climax - No Point
Climax - Purity
Cobalt Blue-march Of War
Coffin - Close It
Colour Policy-environmental
Colour Policy-tjb He Hates Me
Coming In
Commoname - 3 Piece Happy Home
Concrete Illusion-damnation
Concrete Illusion-deep Sorrow
Concrete Illusion-senile Madness
Concrete Illusion-sleepwalker
Concrete Illusion-whisper
Concrete Illusions-administration
Concrete Illusions-death Comes To All
Concrete Illusions-hurtful Feelings
Concrete Illusions-mastermind
Concrete Illusions-to Die For
Conformity - Parasite
Confusion - Nevermore An Angel In The Sk
Confusion - Nevermore An Angel In The Sk
Connor/s Head- Death
Cool Lil Riff
Cool Riffage val.: **
Cool Riff val.: **
Cool Riff
Cool Riff
Cool Riff
Cool Riffage
Cool Solo
Cool Song I Made Up
Cork Screw-worries
Corrosion- Malice
Corrosive - Something Less
Cory Bantic-sweet Dreams Cover
Cosmic Flush - Cant Bleave You
Cosmic Flush-cant Bleave You
Counterfeit - Antagonistic Agony
Counterfeit - Rapid
Counterfeit-the Dificulty Of Being Alone
Country Riff
Craig-a-death%3A A Foggy Day
Craig-a-death%3A Lamb Of Satan
Crash - Hugo Boss
Crash Dummies - Lost It All
Crash Kills 5 - Hugo Boss
Creamer - Social Grenade
Croak /%0A/ Havic- Your Nightmare
Cromok Another You
Crooked Spenser - Tubesock
Cross Town Rivals-i Want
Cruel T - Please
Cult Pimps - I Kill Everyone
Custom Made - Yesterday/s Paper
Cuttlefish - Khemistry val.: *
Cuttlefish - Khemistry
Cuttlefish - Khemistry
Cuttlefish - Khemistry bass
Cuttlefish - Khemistry bass
D Cat-classic
D0nni - Waiting On You (acoustic)
Da Da De Da
Dagahzed- Inconceived
Dagahzed- Psychological Downer
Damien Crombie - Confusion
Damien Crombie - Through Me
Dario Utichi - Jerk
Dark Arcanum- Morale
Dark Arcanum- Tattered And Torn
Dark Garden - Vetericus
Darker Than Ink - Nothing
Darker Than Ink - Pray
Darkest Lie-let Your Love Die
Day 1 - Beyond Belief
Day 1-what/s Fair
Day Five-tommarow
Dayz Never Done- Never Alone
Dayz Never Done-shibby
Dead Ash - Need To Heal
Dead Flower Origin - Over-responsibility
Dead Heads-first Song
Dead Shepard - Goodbye Autumn
Deadline - Fake
Deano - Lonely (acoustic)
Death val.: ****
Death In The Meadows - Rose Red
Death-wish Burn The Bible
Deathmatalish Song I Made %232
Deathmealish Song I Made
Deathstruction- For You
Deathvayne-not Sure Yet
Death In The Meadows - Rose Red
Death-wish Burn The Bible
Deathmatalish Song I Made %232
Deathmealish Song I Made
Deathstruction- For You
Deathvayne-not Sure Yet
Decomposed - Blood And Fire
Defamation - I Dont Know
Defunct Evil - Kaos
Dekapitron - Monkey Guts
Dekapitron - Overflow
Dekapitron - Shapes Of Pain
Dekapitron-Shapes Of Pain
Delayed Reaction - The Maria Song
Delorean-Day One
Delorean-So Be It
Delusive - The Dark Chronicle
Demolition - Bananna Peel
DEMONOLOGY - We All Die Young
Derek Southerland - Perfect Day
Dereks And Tylers Band-tylers Other Song
Derek/s And Tyler/s Band- Tylers Song
Derek/s/tyler/s Band-1st Song
Destiny Denied Stinger
Detour-no Name
Didnt Think U New
Die Spinner Bretheren
Dire Mien-au Gratin
Dire Mien-dark Years
Dire Mien-its Time
Dire Mien-stain On The Letter
Dirty-nation - A Lesson In Rights
Disciples- Make Me Fall Asleep
Discord-All Goes Numb
Disdained - First Song
Dismembered - One
Dismount - Falling Down
Disowned - Blind
Disposable Heroes - Wretch
Distorted Visions - Faith In A Boy
Distortion Period- Dude Ranch Riff
Dk2k3/s Little Blues Solo Thingy
Dodgy Specimen - Lifes A Lie
Dodgy Specimen - Something Half Decent
Dominant Chopsticks- Smile
Dominant Chopsticks-3 Days
Don And Carlo- Your Mom
Don/%09 Go
Don/%09 Know-the Evil Song
Don/%09 Stop Til Monday- Always In My Head
Door Knob
Double O Punk-Fananel
DoubleOPunk - Being With You
DoubleOPunk - Everything
DoubleOPunk - Lost Authority
DoubleOPunk - Punk Or Nothing
DoubleOPunk - Then Your A Punk
Dougie Douglas Trio Back Up
Dovregubbens Halldovregubbens Hall
Downward Spiral- Bass Guitar Doodle
Dr No-screw U
Drainer - Forgetful
Drainer - Home
Drainer - Power Mind
Dropouts- This Is How I Feel
Dropped At Birth- What The F
Drunkenrodeoclowns-your Mom Is A Dyke
Duck Tape- Pickaninny
Dum Bass - Destructable Indestructable
Dwain Fletcher - Lawless
E B C Band - Getaway
E B C Band - We Smoke Together
E.m.a- Why
Easily Amused - Why
Eddie Congdon-desperation Call
Edwardshor-draw Your Number
Egoshed-4 Star Coffin
Egoshed-the Dark Inside Us
Ekineesha Force - Pay Day
Electric Prison - Presidential Dumbass
Electric Prison- Rise To The Top
Electric Prison- That Fateful Day
Elsewhere-I/%27ve Been(elsewhere)
Emale - The Blues
Emanon - Radio Edit
Emanon- Two Stringer
Emodium -Let It All Go
Emodium -Rosewater
Empty Cell-failure In Your Eyes
Empty Slot- Dork
Endless Suffering - Fell The Rage
Endo Method- Widow Black
Esaul Xero - Demo
Evermind - Blind Man/%27s Melody
Every Day Heroes - Song %231
Factor 46 - Ember
Factor 46 - Oath Of Perplexion
Factor 46 - Sanctify
Factor 46 - Vacant
Fade To Kill Part
Faded 2 Black - Open Suicide
Faded 2 Black - Void Spaces
Fading Out - We Know Its You
Failed Attempt%3A My Final Cry
Fal45 - Test
Fall Behind Zero - Broken Spirit
Falling From Sanity- Why
False Gravity
Far From Famous - Charlies Song
Fast Food - Chase
Fast Food - Something Else
Fast Food - Untitled
Fatal Aggression-untitled Song
Fateful Day - I/%27m Sorry
Fds - Why
Fernands Band - One Cent Rent
Fernands Band - Return Of Fernand
Fernand/s Band - Backstab
Fernand/s Band - Die
Fernand/s Band - Freestyle
Fernand/s Band - Gangs
Fernand/s Band - Hate
Fernand/s Band - Kill The Kkk
Fernand/s Band - Loser
Fernand/s Band - Love
Fernand/s Band - Mexican Mafia
Fernand/s Band - Mr. Haug
Fernand/s Band - Punkers
Fernand/s Band - Screeech
Fernand/s Band - The Great Solo
Fernand/s Band - Uniform School
Fetus - Dan The Man
Ffl-for The Alanarchist
Field Dont Bother
Final Thought - Regardless
Final Thought- Regardless
Finger Lickin Chicken-mmm Mmm Good
Firefly- Religion
First Step
Fish Mitten - M
Five Minutes To Freedom - When I/m Gone
Flash Point Mayhem - Universal Peace/war
Floor 13 - Home Again
Floor 13 - Home Again
Floor 13 - I
Floor 13 - Overdosed Relationship
Floor 13 - Overdosed Relationship
Focused-my Surprise
Fondling Amber- Words Of Wisdom
Fools Gold - Rich
Forced To Change-constipation
Foreign Objects (uk) - Escape
Foreign Objects (uk) - Warm Up
Forever Falls Tomorrow
Forgone Conclusion - Free The Feelings
Four Fingers And A Toe - Broken Balls
Four Fingers And A Toe - Finally
Four Fingers And A Toe - Mexico
Fourth Grade Comback - Fade Away
Fozzy - To Kill A Stranger
Fragile Minds - Broken Angel
Fragle Mnds - Broken Angel
Frantics - Usa Aok
Fraser Rix- Duno The Name Yet
Free Beer - Christmas %5BSolo%5D
Free Trial-carl/original
Freeway-ashes To Dust
Friday Night Fights-you And Me
Fringe-no Name Yet
Frozen Under-insane Love
Fuddle - Melvin
Fuddle - Ryan
G.P.C- One More
G.P.C-Run Away
GBA - Over And Over
Germline- Teenage Kicks
Germline-sad To Talk (solo)
Glytch - Frustrated
God Sense - (unknown)
Gods Of Rock-3000 Miles
Golden Pistol - How It Was
Golden Silence - Cuban Missle Crisis
Goo-goo-ga-joob Darker Years
Goo-goo-ga-joob%3A Darker Years
Goo-goo-ga-joob%3A Darker Years
Gordo Donoso-pepe Mar
Gravel Road - Imaginary Seagul Shadow
Great White Something - The Warning
Green Cold Jalapenos- Hot
Greenbean - Beanstalk
Gridlock-cymru Am Byth
Grimreaper Warlords- Grr Kings
Grimreaper Warlords- In Hell
Grimreaper Warlords- Kill All
Grimreaper Warlords-grrr Kings
Gritty Sands-slopeintercept
Groovy Song I Made
Gross N/ Go
Gross N/ Go-mikey
Grudge Against Reality - Without Words
Guitaris O. T.- Tomorrow/s Another Day
Guys With Ties - Naked Awesome
Guys With Ties- Big
Guys With Ties- Pepper Ann
H8s - Alt Jeg Hader
HaGaMa - Goodbye
HaGaMa - HaGaMa Theme Song
HaGaMa - Like A River
Hagseed-scream Song
Halfmast - Dilluted
Handicap Stilts- School Spirit
Hannaford/s Guarantee
Happines Of Sorrow
Hard Times
Hardcore Heros - The End
Harvester Of Reasons- Turning Of Time
Haze- Hell
Headed For Ternity - Simple As Nuttin
Heavy Rythem Riffs
Heavy Metal Riff val.: ***
Heavy Metal Riffs val.: *
Heavy Metal Riffs
Heavy Rhythm Advisory
Heavy Riffing
Heavy Rythem Riffs
Heavy Rhythm Advisory
Heavy Riffing
Height Of Redemption-untitled
Helluva- Dumbass
Helluva- I Burns In Hell
Heretic- Killing You
Hey Stranger
High Velocity
Hindered Youths - Four Leaf Clover
Hindsight 20/20 - Simple-minded
Hkd-the Evil Things That Live Inside
Homeland - Ensure A Call
Homeless Hobos - The Elfinator
Homenaje A Los Bj%B4s
Homespun- Thoughts Of You
Hostage-i Dont Know
Hostile Takeover- Hostile Wishes
Hot Rod- Pmt
Hot Rod- What About The Ponies
Hot Scheise- 80%25 I Rente
Hot Scheise- Astmamedicinens Univers
House Arrest - Trapped Inside
How She Is
Huchi Can Take It - Maybe I Go Home
Huchi Can Take It - Md Geist
Hurricane 92 - Fall
Hurricane 92 - Never Clear
Hurricane 92 - Punt
Hurricane 92 - What I Made
Hurtlitzer By A Firearm
Hymlick Manuver- Shove It
I Didn/%09 Get Your Name
I Miss You
I Was A Spy - For Sale Signs
Idiot Box - Bury You
Idiot Box - Midnightmare
Idiot Box - Runaway
Idiot Box - Shadows
Idiot Box- Orgasm In A Jar
Ill By Mouth- Judgement
Ill By Mouth-consumed
Ill By Mouth-judgment
Ill By Mouth-relive
Im So Glad (i Found You)
In Question - Calices
In Question - Death Grip
In Question - Don/%09 Forget
In Question - February 5th
In Question - Low
In Question - Waiting
In Question - When You Are Gone
In The Line Of Fire - Sorry
Inapropiate-No More
Incoherent Ameoba- Cheap Change
Inconcievable - Out Of Fashion
Inconcievable- What Is It About Summer
Inconcievable- Without You
Inconspicuous Bravado %7E Distorted Image
Inconspicuous Bravado %7E Let It Go
Inconspicuous Bravado %7E Out Of Control
Inconspicuous Bravado %7E Standing In Dark
Inconspicuous Bravado%7Eout Of Control
Independant Nation - No Reason
Indesernable - Natural Hansen/%27s Kiwi Sod
Indesernable - Tilted Bench
Infectious Waste - Suicide
Infinity-the One
InfXion - Song
Ingrown-all I Wanna Do
Insert Name - Deaf
Inside Out-Guilt
Inside Out-Whatever
Inside Out/ Whatever
Insomnia-black Flowers
Inspector Gadget Theme
Instruments Playing People - Mirage
Instruments Playing People - The...
Insubordination - No Assistance Required
Insulvania - You/%0De The One I Love
Into The Woods With Juliet-if You Go
Into The Woods With Juliet-vanessa/s Son
Invalid - %231
Isolated Fear-just Have Fun
Isolated Fear-shattered
Isolated Fear-shut Up
Isolated Soul - This Pain Inside
Issacs And Eytans Band-not Named
Issues On Demand - So Patheic
Issues On Demand-better Off Without You
Ivan L. Fourie - Lovesick
J.p.f - Whats Mine Is Mine
Jammin Wit Charlie-balled Of Frank
Jammin With Charlie- Barely Breathing
Jammin With Charlie- Millionaire Melody
Jammin With Charlie-barely Breathing
Jammin With Charlie-times Have Changed
Jammin With Charlie-tribute
Jard- All I Want
Jason Shipps - Solo
Jaundiced Eyes - No Rest For The Restles
Jazza/s Cool Riff
Jesse Campbell- There Is No Happiness
Jfd%26amp%3Bjtb - Song 001
Jfd- Riffs
Jim And Jon - Ravioli
Jimmy Talkington - Unknown
Jojothepenguin-penguin Dance
Joke Arnt - Crap (acoustick)
Josh - Easy Solo
Jsi---broken Vcr
Juniper - Letter Home
Jus A Song I Made
Just A Little Tune I Wrote
Just A Number - Creative
Just A Number - Everyday
Just An Easy Song I Made
Justin Bailey - Crazy Hooha
Juvenile Plague - Spiritually Destroyed
Kalle - Japan
Kamarach - Odium Ore
Karmahitlist - Erase Me
Kasie - Its Brendan
Kervantes - Once Again
Kevin And Friends - America Sucks
Kevin Prucino/s Tasty Lick
Kharma - Anus
Kharma - I Hate Diggs
Kill 9 - Disruption
Kill The Wise - Another Smile Falls
Kill The Wise - Falling Straight
Kill The Wise - Smashing Amber
Kill Ur Cat - Spastication
Kind Of A Relaxing Song I Made
Kitts - Doobiewickitywahwah
Kitts - This Is The Way It Will Be
Korosive Element- Straw Mane
Krullevaar - Vakanite
Kudrna-loser With A Dream
La De Da
La Duda - Idnic
La Duda - Miseria
Laque - Its Time To Hit The Road
Last Ones To Heaven - Untitled
Last Pocket - Untitled
Lastdown - Why Dont You Care
LAUT - Time Walker
Lead Dove- Seed
Leftovers-best Song Ever
Legally Insane- Running val.: ****
Legally Insane val.: ***
Legally Insane- Running
Less Than Nothing - Show %26 Tell
Less Than Nothing - Wishful Thinking
Lethal Injection-waterfalls In Hell
Levy Grind-tell Me
Life As Is - The Two
Light On The 3rd - Power Of Five
Light On The 3rd - Winds Of Battleford
Ling - Story Of Tears
Liquid Ashes - Six Feet Under
Liquidtrash - Bananna
Livewire - Bad Lands
Living Around - Up And Down
Lizards Of Oz - Bridge
Logic - Honor The Cat
Loki - Moving On
Long Walk Home- All The Attention...
Loozer - Absent Minded Girl val.: *****
Loozer - Absent Minded Girl
Loozer - Realize
Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman
Losers Inc. - First In Last
Losing Race - Vampire
Luckyleo - The Undead
Made Up Song
Makeshift - Spiral
Maleko - Untitled
Man Bai-kau Ilhamku
Manix - No Answers
Mantic - Fearghal Shmack Out
Mark-the Wrestling Song
Marker10 - Kacey
Market 20 - We%0De Here Anyways
Marrow - Deaths Touch
Mashed Potatoe - The Song With No Name
Maul Rats - A Taste Of Heaven
Maul Rats - Jacob The Dead
Mc/s Starter Riffs
Me - Solo
Me - The End
Meany - She Girl
Meany - Start Over Again
Meg Sjol- Good For Nothing
Meg Sj%F8l-its Cool To Be A Cowboy
Melancholy - Untitled val.: ****
Melancholy - Untitled
Mellow Song
Melody For The Masses-part Two
Mental Action - Youre So Hot
Michael B Newsong
Milemarker - Linkin
Mindclamp- Rebirth
Minority 3 - Sitting And Standing
Miraclegrow - No Second Chance
Misbari - Rainbow
Misc - C Progs
Misc - Chord Prog
Misc - Chord Progression
Misc - Chord Progressions
Misc - Chord Progressions
Misc - Sad Song
Misc - Tpd
Misc - Waltz Riff
Misc Riff
Misc- James Bond Theme
Misc-easy Solo
Misc-me Again
Misery Likes Company- Fireflies
Misplaced Trust - Deep Thoughts
Missing Since Yesterday- Coafm
Misused Innocence - A.F.U.
MoeBand - 6 Strings
Mommas Proud- Mexico
Moonraven - A Thanks To My Friends
Moonraven - Deaths Lullaby
Moonraven - The Ocean
Moonraven-deaths Lullaby
Moresque - Let Me Out
Mossix - Hotdog Without A Bun
Mother %2A%2A%2Aer
Mov7 - 1st Song
Moving Right Along - Song 002
Msy-consequences Of A Faceless Muse
Muckworm - Livit
Munk Jack Juicer - Useless
Munkis In The Microwave - Let Munki Fly
Mushroom Clan Riff
My Band - Cool Song
My Band-enfect
My Band-song
My Easy Little Riff
My Own Riff
My Solo In A Minor
My Song
My Very Simple Riff
Mystery Milita - Lost
Narcadicts - Narcoleptic Monkey
Narcadicts - Open The Gates
Nasty Nachos - Stupid Bitch
Nathan Norvell-unnamed Song
Natural Born Rockers- Hate
Natural Born Rockers- I Stand Alone
Natural Born Rockers-killerz Of Night
Natural Born Rockers-she Likes Me
Need More Practice
Nefarious - Do Or Die
Negative Zero - Snap
Neo Nemesis - Eyedie
Never Stop - The New Song
New Classic - Victoria
New Horizon - Tripwire
New Song
Next In Line - Matt Is So Gay
Niagra - End Of Dawn
Niagra - Rate Riff
Niagra - When You Come Back
No Clu - Not Yet Named
No Comply - Im A Mistake
No Comply - Mistake
No Entry - Help Me
No Extra Feature - Kamikazi Pilot
No Name
No Response - Pilot
No Shadows Cast- As Time Passes
No Shadows Cast- Song
No Small Komotion - Rest In Peace
No Way Out- Good Times Part One
No Way Out- The Revenge
No Win Situation - Back And Forth
No Win Situation - We Could
Noah Ballard- The Jew Retreat
Nocturnal Ginger Jam - Im Alone Without
Nocturnal Ginger Jam - Im Not Telling
Nocturnal Ginger Jam - Kung Fu
Noname-walking Through The Halls
None Of The Above - Realize
Noreflektion-flaws Of Mine
Nosferatu - Deserved Deceptions
Not A Problem-not Alone
Not Another - Fraud
Not Just Noise- The Guitar Speaks
Not Too Late - Held Back
Note To Self - Slowdance
Note To Self- Just Another Breakup
Nothing 2 Declare - Cycle
Nothing Gained-nothing
Ntropy-can/%09 Push Me Down
Nuf - Help Me
Number T - Song %232 val.: *****
Number T - Song %232
Obsessive Compulsive - Underworld Angel
Odd Man Out - Roger
Odds Against - Tonight
Off Focus - Days Alone
Old Macdonald
Omanick - Have You Heard
Omniscient Pigs-misc Riff
One Dirty Knife - Show You The Castle
One Man Show - Downhill
One Man Show - Fung Shui
One Man Show - Save Us
One Mile Down - The Anthem
One Shot Kill- Braincheck
One Stop Earnest - Morticia
One Under - Destined To Fail
One Way- Messing Around
Open Revolt - Being With You
Open Revolt - Everything
Open Revolt - Fananel
Open Revolt - Yesterday
Organic Peroxide - Rockstar
Organised Chaos - Back 2 Whence You Cam
Organised Chaos - Devils Arse
Organised Chaos - Health Hazard
Original Sin-back Of My Mind
Original Sin-forget It
Original Sin-my Dream
Original Sin-thinking Of Her
Orion Unnamed Lyrics
Oskar Goes Wild On The Guitar-moderkaka
Outcasts Of Society - Untitled
Outlasting Bereavement - Unable To Stand
Outlet - Do You Care%3F
Outsiders Soul - Money
Outsiders Soul - Waltz
Over The Top
Over The Years - Indifferent
Overdrive - Last Time
Overshadowed Feat. Sikotik - Suicide
Own Song
Own Way Out
Oxycontin - Dance Asshole Dance
Oxycontin - Florida
Oxygen - Bleeding
Oxygen Empty Now - Emulous
Painful Witness
Pandemonium - Angel
Paradox - Down
Paranoia - Destroyed
Parapalegic Turtles - SwitchBladeSuicide
Paroxysm - Heavy
Passive Challenge - Incredible
Passive Challenge - Leave Now
Passive Challenge - My Next Failure
Passive Challenge - Orphans Musicbox
Passive Challenge - Second To Weak
Passive Challenge - Superior Topnotch
Passive Challenge- Leave Now
Patrick Geake Presents - Gone To Waste
Penalty - Losing My Grip
Perfect Disaster- Elmo
Pergatory - Do You Know...
Perpindikular Past - Twice Before Death
Persephone/s Cage - Fields Of Asphodel
Pesky Uncle - Do Aliens Exist%3F
Pete Raffaelli-manic
Pezz-pocket - Stale Orange Pez
Phanatix - Deeper
Phased - Broken Angel
Phil Hughes - Prism
Pidgeonrat - About To Blow
Pigfinger-one Headless Man
Piss It All Away
Pixiefists - More Than Youll Ever Know
Pixiefists - New Age Anarchy
Play This To Your Girlfriend
Playapappy - Mess Around
Plutonium - Stupid Girl
Poetry To Music-wordsworth
Point Blank - One More
Point Of Impact - Divination
Point Of Impact - Pricecheck
Point Silver - Not Where I Belong
Poo Dragons- Poo Dragons Theme Song
Pornographic Legos - Untitled
Portrait Of Poison - Hate
Posesed - A Kewl Rock Song
Posessive Greed - Not The Apple
Possessive Greed-love Is Like Lightning
Powerchord-angel Looking Through
Priceless-here With Me
Process Of Infliction - Go Awayfeel My
Prolonged Destiny - One And The Same
Prometheus - Escape
Prophetic Submission-need Not Be
Protopack - No One Ever Thought
Psycoward-if I Die
Public Leaning Post
Public Leaning Post - I Have A Beard
Public Leaning Post - I Have A Beard
Punk - Some Song I Made
Punkle Unk - Self Titled
Purple Monkey Dishwasher - Stoner Song
Push 27 - Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer
Pushing Up Daisies
Pushstick - Dont Do That
Pushstick - Untitled
Pyria Nose Bleeding
Pyrite - Guilt By Association
Pyrite - Waiting
Quick Under Pressure - Losing Streak
Quicksand-now And Then
R.I.P. - We Got No Control
Ramcept - Untitled
Random Acts Of Dumbness - Dysfunkshanal
Random Identity - Problems In Life
Random Occurance - Drowning Fish
Random Skitsness- Bla
Random Skitsness-a Quick Break
Random Skitsness-nameless
Random Skitsness-theres Something In Her
Rapture - Opinions
Reason 2 Rival - Song
Reckless Doubt - She Still Dont Know
Reckless Doubt - Where I Want To Be
Red Hot Marshmallows - Easynessety
Red Rockets - Den Dag I November
Redefined - Desert Rain
Relentless-dear Sarah
Relentless-the Testing Song
Remedio Casero - Manuel Arias
Remedy-dawn Of Inequity
Remedy-fingertap Solo
Remedy-nothing I Can Do
Remedy-dawn Of Inequity
Remedy-fingertap Solo
Remedy-nothing I Can Do
Rendered In Ruins / Pigeon Warfare
Requitas - Crazy World
Requitas - Thanks To You
Residential Atrocity - Atrostic
Residential Atrocity - Been Over It
Residential Atrocity - Miskeetoe
Retaliation Nation - Pending
Retribution - Bollocks
Retribution - Horror Movie
Retribution - I Never Did
Retribution - Infinity Minus One
Retribution - The (Anti) Drugs Song
Reveled - Trapped
Rewind 24/7-forgotten Memories
Rewind 24/7-unwanted
Riff Raff
RimHole - Hate
RimHole - Miss Fit Mother%2A%2A%2Aer
Ript - Song
Ript - Suckablow
Roadkill - Brain Dead
Roads - Solo Time
Roads - Solocaster
Roads - Soloist
Rockin Riff
Rocking On Your Dime - Original
Rockmill - Back Off
Rollers - Confused
Run Away
Ryan Berner-guitar Solo
Ryan Conners - Ghost Town
Ryan Surmik - Own
Ryans Band-the Song
Rymshot - Love Song
Sabachthani -
Sabachthani - We Don%09 Need More
Sabachthani - We Don%09 Need More
Safety First - Any Given Chance
Sam Lockwood - Don/%09 Feel Right
Sanity Check - The Unamed Song
Satans Ass Lint - Song For A Fat Man
Scared - Just So You Know
Scarface - Over Before It Began
Scarlette Singe - Everything I Know
Scevz - Confession/s The Key To Love
Scott Day Is Gay
Screwed Up Life
Second Exit - Escape Plan
Self Punish - The Inititve
Sense Of Stupidity - Our Song
Sergio - Waste Away
Sergio - Wither
Seven Days - Standing
Severed Soul - ...........
Shadow Of A Bullet - Clouded Wave
Shadow Of A Bullet - Prelude To Battle
Shaklesworth - Shaklesworth
Shallow Living
Shardsofhate-numb My Pain
Shardsofhate-rain From Your Eyes
Shattered Reality - Find Me
Shaven Ape - Broken In
SheerAcidCrisis - Fear
SheerAcidCrisis - Violent Ways
Sheriff Posse - Youre Gone
Shes Gotta Kno- Pigooyar
Shifted - Because Of You
Shiny Plates - That Night
Shortline-to Much
Shovelhead - Crush The Hammer
Sick SeReNaDe - Hot Air
Sick SeReNaDe - My World
Sick SeReNaDe - Hot Air
Sick SeReNaDe - My World
Side Track City- Zeek
Sigh- Life
Sight Unseen - The Path
Silenced - Prophecy
Silent Magnum- Control
Silent Rage - Peace Killer
Silver Sidewalk Conspiracy - C Eastwood
Silver Sidewalk Conspiracy - Evil D
Silvertone - Black Snake
Silvertone - Collapsable Universe
Silvertone - One Way Ride
Silvertone - Shadow
Silvertone - Slingshot
Simple Blues Riff
Sin-dying Breath
Six Deep - Came To See
Six Foot Stump- Kaleigh/s Song (w/ Gtr2)
Six Foot Stump- Kaliegh/s Song
Skankin Monkeys - Kvanier
Skankin Monkeys - Sax Case Song
Skatch - Chasing Kali
Skc - Medina
Skin-let Me Be
Skunk - Going
Sleep Brother
Slightly Advanced Chord Voice/s
Slightly Foreign- Nameless Girl
Slop - Crazy
Smaller Than The Otherz - I Believe
SMCG - Dull Boy Highway
SMCG - Moleys Optic Dilemma
Smelly Twig - Funky Claude
Smoked Pork - Loud
Snakes - Dawn (riff)
Snow Without Rain
Sock Puppet Frontiers- Chocolate
Soldiers Of Satan - val.: *****
Soldiers Of Satan - Last Night val.: *****
Soldiers Of Satan - The Best Looser val.: ****
Soldiers Of Satan - I Hate My Life val.: ****
Soldiers Of Satan - I Hate My Life
Soldiers Of Satan - Last Night
Soldiers Of Satan - The Best Looser
Solo val.: *****
Solo To A Song Im Writing Please View
Solo To A Song Im Writing Please View
Some Kind Of Hero - Bite Me
Someoneelse - Fallen Angel Of Darkness
Someoneelse - This Morning
Someoneelse-teenage Romance
Something Memorial - Caroline
Song Unfinished val.: ***
Song %231
Song %231
Song Unfinished
Sonic Deathtrip - Paralysed People
Sonic Deathtrip - Sonic Deathtrip
Souls In Ashes - I Stand
Souls Of Oblivion - Fate
Souls Of Oblivion - Idnic
Source Of Confusion - Cent To Mental
Spanish - Song I Made Up
Spankin Clowns - Red Nose
Spasm - Untitled
Spectrum - Rapunzel (cover)
Spectrum - The Riffs Collection
Spell What
Spence - Best Of Friends
Spirit-hold On
Spit-heavy Metal Paranoid Cover
Spleet-lovesong For Jd
Sporc - Unknown
Spray - Happy Guy
Sprinkler Chernobil - Useless
Square One - Angelas Song
Squatters Paradise - Bad Habit
Squished Bannanas - Theme
SSC - Murderous Chipmunk
Ssm - Reflections On A Fallen Angel
Stacy/s Mom-john
Stationary Objects Attack - Dark Side
Stationary Objects Attack - Ian Is Gay
Stationary Objects Attack - Wipe Out
Statis Point-props
Stealth Monkey - Hating Me
Stereo Ad - Death By Gone
Stereotype - Self Assured
Stereotype - Yesterday
Sterio - Red And White
Stienckdia - Oriental Aureole
Still Bust - Fade
Still Bust - Ledbury Girl
StopLiteGreen - No Matter
Strandead - Wonder
Stuck In Friendsville- What I Did So Wro
Stumped-in Case Of Emergency
Stumped-i/m Tired
Stumped-unfortunate Accident
Stupid - Beautiful
Stupid Conequences-sitting In The Corner
Stupid Consequences - Blast Radius
Stupid Consequences - Burn Me Black
Stupidconsequences-sitting In The Corner
Stylus - No Name
Suffisticated Hate- This Is The End
Suicidal Symphony-
Suicidel Symphony- Confusion
Suicidel Symphony- Suicidel Symphony
Suicidel Symphony- To
Sumo Monkey Giants - Unknown
Sunday Mourning - Changes
Sunday Mourning- Nameless
Sundaymourning - Kitty Song
Sunnytravels - Feels Alright
Sunnytravels - I Become
Supermodel Suicide - Show Me Some Heat
Switch Blade
Switch Blade-better Than Yesterday
Switch Blade-thoughtless
Switch Blade-better Than Yesterday
Switch Blade-thoughtless
Switchfoot-meant To Live
Switchstance - Unnamed
Sworn Secrecy - Angela Colantuonos Song
Tab Lines
Tab Table
Take Me Away-belong
Take Me Away-what It Takes
Taken4granted - Confusing
Tampon Popsickle - Paralized Love
Tansa Tansa - Rap-Tha%EDde
Tarnished Apples - Alligenssa
Tastes Like Grandma - Dadada
Tastes Like Grandma - Oh When The Saints
Tastes Like Grandma - Song val.: *****
Tastes Like Grandma - Song Three val.: *****
Tastes Like Grandma - Song Number val.: *****
Tastes Like Grandma - Song No.2 val.: ***
Tastes Like Grandma - Song No.2
Tastes Like Grandma - Song Number
Tastes Like Grandma - Song Three
Technotard - Untitled Part
Techty - Waited For You
Teer - Bite Me
Teeter - Burn The Fade
Tem - The Damned
Tenacious T - JomAmA
Tendensi - Alle Hassen
Terminal Velocity - Anything
Terminal Velocity - Soapcake
Terra Firma - Foney
That One Band - Lost
The - Leave Me Be
The Aftertears - My Whispers
The Anarchic-whipped
The Anics - Sorry
The Autumn Commission - I/m A Monster
The Autumn Commission - Sell Yourself
The Banned - Inside Out
The Bitter End - Coming Soon
The Bitter End - In My Place
The Blind-death
The Brigade-mary Had A Little Lamb
The Clocks - Death By Decapitation
The Colour Of Chaos - Ode To Damnation
The Crash Dummies - Lost It All
The Crash Dummies - Who Cares
The Death Lepracons-buzzkill
The Decline
The DFBs - June
The Dirty Aces- Romance
The Dirty Aces-crazy
The Drongos - Gig On Sat
The Empty - Not Another Garage Band
The Failures - Toy
The Fatt Experiment - Lusty Muffins val.: *****
The Fatt Experiment - Lusty Muffins Pt.2
The Fatt Experiment - Lusty Muffins Pt.2
The Federallies - Dont Tell Me
The Forgotten - Cows Go Moo
The Fruit Corner - Cream
The Goodness
The Happy Doughnuts - Mr Bastard
The Hate Filled Midgets- I Wonder
The Hi-lifers-repo Man
The Horde - Area
The Hvam Gang - Henriks P%F8lsesang
The Hvam Gang - Sukkerpusheren
The Inbetween - Consequences
The Inferno - Athius
The Inferno - Feather
The Inferno-eon Silver Dream
The Inner Circle - The Dark
The Inner Jd - I/m Done
The Insubordinates - Radical
The Johnakin Jive- The Time
The Lost - Why
The Marauders - I Wonder
The Monkey Epiphany-just A Thought
The Morning Glorries - Death To Jack
The Morning Glorries - Death To Matt
The Motive - Intolerence
The Motive - Waiting For You
The Mullets - Listen To The End
The Munchies - Grunge Song
The Neverhood - A Familar Feeling
The Nubia Vizier - One Glass Broken
The Offswitch-insanity
The Orland Boys - Sunset Bulavard
The Poops- Fart On Me
The Pot Barn - Up In Your Dragon
The Reckoning - Mosaic
The Redbeets
The Redbeets - Candy King
The Redbeets-stackers Ben
The Redbeets - Candy King
The Redbeets-stackers Ben
The Retrovisionaries - This Is It
The Rythem Is Everywhere
The S.t.d/s - Softly
The Shane Jones Band - Open Road
The Shins - Caring Is Creepy
The Silence - Rock Paper Scissors
The Smokey Wambas - Justins Music
The Smoking Seasons - Sheila
The Standard - Untitled
The Stratoblasters-anti Gravity (cover)
The Switch - I Love Cathloic School Girl
The Switch - Trampoleen
The Titheads-i Like Balls
The Underachievers - Giving Up
The Usual - Unannounced
The Victims-the Pikie Song
The Vi/s- Bear Hunting
The Wallets - Angry
The Wallets - We%B4re Heroes
The Wolves-don/%09 Have A Name
The Wolves-untitled
The-hilifers-his Girlfriend
Thee Oppressed - Pleasantly Unemployment
Thefreakz-i Think I Love You
Them - That One Song
Themorningglorries - No Matt
Thin Crust Pizza-6 Words Long
Third And Main - Realize
Third Time Lucky - D.I.L.D.O
Thirdeye150 - Carpet Stain
Thirdeye150 - Fisthole In Drywall
This Is - Bugg3r
This Is - Not Those Words
This Is - Other
THORN - Suicide Is Your Friend
Thorn - Without A Doubt
Throw Poo - Jazzizle
Thumper- In Our Annals
Time To Give Up
Tj Fulfer - Look Inside
Tj Fulfer - Razor
Tlg - Metalass
Todd Sanders - Untitled
Tom Carey - Better Than Me
Tom Carey - Lost But Not Found
Tom Carey - Never Loved Elvis
Tomorrows Hero - This Promise
Topless - Brand Names
Trevor Howlett - Sweet Easy Riff
Trevs Revenge- Wotnaamate
Triggid - Michelle
Troubled Desires-life After Death
Trugga - In Your Eyes
Trugga - Nightly Ramblings
Trugga - Slow Luck
Tube Sock Riot- Dirty Indian
Tuesdays Here- My Girl Friend Dumped Me
Turmoil/s End--pentatonic Offbeat
Turmoil/s End--running
Turnpike-times Are Changing
Twice Bitten - Fault
Twisted Nipple - The Day We Do It
Twisted Perspectiv - Dirt
Tzk - Juz Because Of You
U Stand Alone-against All Odds
Ucb - Overload
Ultimately Renounced - About A Girl
Un Real-warning Sign
Un-needed And Un-wanted-that Day
Undecided - The Life
Undecided - Things Happen
Underview - We Bang Our Heads
Underwater-devil/s Groove
Unimploid - Breakaway
Unknown - The One Ring %5BCover%5D
Unknown - Cool Relaxing Riff
Unknown - Happy Birthday To You
Unknown - Just Something
Unknown - Kyles Ass
Unknown - Lets Call It Ali
Unknown - Life No Longer Exists
Unknown - Nothing Accomplished
Unknown - Outcast
Unknown - Overdosed At Xmas
Unknown - Pakistan National Anthem
Unknown - Phirus
Unknown - Phyico
Unknown - Picking
Unknown - Pimped Out Solo
Unknown - Pitiful Darkness
Unknown - Pshyco
Unknown - Rage Style Riff
Unknown - Rampant Constapation
Unknown - Riffs
Unknown - Rockviews
Unknown - Roger And Travis
Unknown - Sailor Riff
Unknown - Shining Light
Unknown - Simple Blues Riff
Unknown - Song I Made While Bored
Unknown - Song One
Unknown - Spider
Unknown - Stars
Unknown - Stay 2 Gether For The Kids
Unknown - The End
Unknown - The Mexican Song
Unknown - The National Anthem
Unknown - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Unknown - Untitled val.: *
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - We Hate Nerds
Unknown Element-in My Dreams
Unneeded And Unwanted-that Day
Unruleable - Outta My League
Unsigned - Rhythm Medley
Unsigned- Falling Down
Unspoken - Fastforward
Untitled - Lost
Untitled - Lost
Uranium Aardvark - Eco Warrior
Utopia - So Far Away
Utopia - So Far Away
Vanilla Whale - Get A Life
Vanilla Whale - Parisian Boy
Ve Das-awakening
Ve Das-think Tank
VeDas - Holy Sin
Veedin - Outside Your Door
Veedin - Wannabe
Vera Valhalla - Give The Man A Cigar
Vertigo- In Dreams
Vetala - 10 Men
Vex - Unknown Song
Vexation - Playing With Aggression
Violation- Songs Made
Violent Disorder - %2A%2A%2A Music
Violent Disorder - Cop Killer
Waiste - Sad Inside
Wake Up Call - Why I Hate Townies
Wake Up Call - No Choice
Wake Up Call - See Now
Wake Up Call - The Hero
Wake Up Call - Wake Up Call
Wasted Youth-star Spangled Banner
Weed Of The Seed - Compressed
Welcome To Hell / By Gods Of Rock
What Happens Next
What Happens Next
Whiplash - What Goes Around Comes Around
Whisper - Fat Little %2A%2A%2A%2A On A Bike
Whisper - Inside Out
Whisper - Skin
Whisper - Soul On Fire
White Ash Falling- Ash
Will Leslie-an Original
WIRED - Filthy
Wired Head - Wires In The Head
Woke Up Today
Wonka Factory - Impuestos De Chocolate
World Without End - Dream Land
X Punk - Rocking In The Moonlight
Xanax - Rise
Xenocide....hit The Bottom Time(to Get Away)
Y.F.E - Us
Yap - Depressed
Yap - Muppet Show
Yesterdays Heroes - Minefield
Your Band-song val.: *****
Your Mum - Instead Of Winning val.: *****
Your Band-song val.: *
Yougurt - Aaaahhh A Ghost
Your Band - Song
Your Band- Song
Your Band-song
Your Band-song
Your Song
Yougurt - Aaaahhh A Ghost
Your Band - Song
Your Band- Song
Your Mum - Instead Of Winning
Your Song
Zebu - Dj Slash Sleepy
Zebu - Each Other
Zeros - Betrayed
Zony - Black Cat
Zony - Stars
Zony - Troubled Mind
Zwieback - Hell Is Heaven
Zwieback - Make Or Break